Emmerdale Eden Farm
Emmerdale Eden Farm
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Welcome to Emmerdale Eden Farm!

Emmerdale Eden Farm specializes in growing certified organic heirloom vegetables, as well as small fruit, herbs and seed. We are best known for our year round garlic sales and our wide variety of heirloom tomatoes and squash. We trial and grow a multitude of seeds for the PEI Seed Alliance, which we sell at the Summerside Farmers Market, Seedy Saturday's, and other local events, along with Hope Seeds. Tomato, peppers, herb seedlings and more are available each spring.
Dedicated to the principles of organic living, we strive to provide our customers with nutritious, wholesome organic food, fresh from our farm.
We are active members of ACORN, Canadian Organic Growers (COG), PEI Certified Organic Producer's Co-Op (COPC), Seeds of Diversity, & the Maritime Seed Group.

Why Grow, Buy, & Eat Certified Organic Food?

When you see 'certified organic', you can be assured that this is a verifiable source of food that can be traced back from the plate to the farmer that has produced it. In both plant and livestock production, organic standards do not allow synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones, or feed containing animal by-products. Organic standards stipulate animal welfare concerns including low population density, access to fresh air and lots of sunshine! Organic farms are safer, healthier work environments for the farmers, their families, their workers and for the local communities. Organic farming helps to protect our water, air and soil by leaving a lighter footprint on the earth, and helping to ensure a sustainable future for our children.

Why Does Organic Food Cost More?

Growing organic food is much more labour intensive than conventional farming. Extra attention and care is required to produce certified organic food. Animals raised under organic standards take longer to reach market weight as they are not subjected to artificial growth promoters such as antibiotics, hormones, feed containing animal by-products, genetically engineered enzymes etc. Organic food production requires extra attention & care with labour intensive hand weeding & pest removal and a reduced reliance on machinery use. Organic production requires extensive record keeping, daily work logs, audits and verification by inspectors to ensure integrity and that high standards are maintained.

Why Buy Local Food?

Knowing where and how your food is grown helps you feel secure. Local produce is freshly picked and high in quality. Local produce promotes a cleaner environment by reducing fossil fuel consumption. Buying local produce helps to build community by creating a direct connection between those who grow the food and those who eat it. Money spent locally stays in the community and preserves local economies.

Local and organic is the way to go!

Support PEI Food Sovereignty.

Where is Emmerdale Eden Farm?

What's New?

Emmerdalee Eden Farm
Uploaded on May 7, 2018

Such a fun & informative evening at Emmerdale Eden Farm learning more about 'Seed Saving'.

Thanks to Steph Hughes (ACORN seed co-ordinater and seed grower), & Chris Sanford (from Bridgewater Nova Scotia).
Seed Freedom
Uploaded on May 7, 2018

Visit us each Saturday 9am - 1pm at the Summerside Farmers' Market where we also sell Speerville Flour Mill products as well as "Cheese Please" - local, Canadian & International cheeses.

Summerside Farmers Market is located in the basement of the historic Holman Building at 255 Water St. in Summerside. Our farmgate is open to you as well to purchase fresh in season produce. Best to call ahead at (902) 436-5180, so we can have your order ready for you on arrival.